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SolidSkills and me


SolidSkills makes available its headhunting skills and direct methods tailored to the IT industry in order to identify the best Managers, IT engineers, sales people, and web marketing experts.

Full-term and freelancing recruitment

For both the recruitment of a freelancer and a full-term contract, I will benefit from the efficient methods, developed by an IT recruitment specialist, used to identify and evaluate candidates.


Digital experts with an international profile

I have the opportunity to meet with bilingual or trilingual experts based in France or abroad, with skills across the board in terms of: functional expertise, web, mobile and software development, project management, agile software development, web marketing, web design, customer success, business development…


A simple and enjoyable recruitment process

In contact with a consultant specialised in my domain, they will be my privileged interlocutor. Once my recruitment project is well established, every means possible will be put in place to guarantee a simple and enjoyable recruitment process.


The SolidSkills Charter of Work Ethics

I have the assurance each and every SolidSkills partner, consultant and recruitment officer has signed and committed to respecting this charter of work ethics and the strong values it conveys.


Excerpt from the SolidSkills France Charter of Work Ethics:


  • We only accept recruitment projects when we are certain, to the best of our knowledge and belief, we will be able to successfully conduct them within a reasonable amount of time.
  • As specified in our contracts, we guarantee confidentiality in terms of the project itself, of the information communicated by the client and of any information we communicate to our client regarding our candidates.
  • The consultant will regularly and in all honesty keep the client informed of the progression of the recruitment process.
  • We commit to applying methods of non-discrimination throughout every step of the recruitment process by:
  • A SolidSkills guarantee to train its partners and consultants in the fight against discrimination and in the promotion of equal opportunities throughout the recruitment process.
  • No element of potential discrimination will be taken into account when drafting job descriptions or in our search criteria.
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