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I want to develop my professional network


I want to share my day-to-day with other freelancers working in the digital industry, either in Nantes or Paris, and facing the same issues as me: business development, technical issues, customer relationship management…



A network for the digital sector

I want to develop a network of freelancers and company directors in the digital sector so as to find freelancing projects more easily, as well as creating synergies on IT projects.


I have asked myself these questions:

  • Is a small, well-intended act better than a lengthy speech?
  • Is sincere and constructive criticism better than passive and half-hearted encouragement?
  • Do I believe approaching others to find out how we can be mutually beneficial is better than approaching them trying to sell them something?


If my answer to these questions is « yes », I share the UnitedSkills values. UnitedSkills is a network of entrepreneurs and company directors working in the digital industry in Nantes and Paris, initiated by SolidSkills France. I want to join the network right away!

Feel free to consult our practical fact sheet on “HOMME DE RESEAU, LA SECONDE NATURE DES FREELANCES”

Je prends rendez-vous

Autour d'un café ou par téléphone, donnez-nous vos disponibilités afin que nous échangions.