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I am looking for a freelancer

I am recruiting for:

A software developing company, a video game developer, an e-commerce company, an IT department, an IT services company, a web agency, or any company working in the digital sector.


I am looking for a specific expertise :

Functional consulting / IT general contracting, project management, agility, web, mobile and software development, DevOps, IT infrastructure and computer networks, web marketing, web design and UX, growth hacking, change management, digital strategy, management of profit centres, interim management, ….

Defining the position and the context :

  • Precisely which tasks will be carried out?
  • What is the potential for career development?
  • How autonomous does the new recruit need to be?
  • What is my company culture?
  • What are the difficulties linked to this position?
  • What is my company strategy?


Once these elements have been clearly defined, I will have a better vision of the type of person I need.

All I now need to do is define a level of remuneration within my budget and to contact SolidSkills France, an IT recruitment agency in Nantes and Paris, to fix the final details of my recruitment project.

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