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SolidSkills and me

Career consultants to assist you

A team of IT recruitment specialists, with a good knowledge of my profession and the related challenges, will assist me. They will be able to show me an overall vision of the industry’s job market and of all of my potential IT career opportunities.


Just looking or actively searching

I can benefit from a preferred contact who will help me clearly define my best future freelancing projects and will either keep me informed of the job market long-term so as to have a project once my current one is completed, or will rapidly offer me freelancing projects tailored to my needs.


Specialised in digital companies working abroad

They can offer me new opportunities in France or abroad with companies working internationally. I am able to discover start-ups with high growth potential but also international companies already well-established: software developers, video game developers, ecommerce companies, IT departments, IT services companies, web agencies, …


The recruitment process is simple and transparent

Once I have clearly identified the type of IT project I am interested in, I am assisted throughout the recruitment process in all transparency by a recruitment consultant who will be my privileged interlocutor and will assist me throughout the project. SolidSkills will assist me with the business and the technical aspects, making available their diversified network of: IT partners, experts in accounting and finance, legal advisors, tax experts, …


Rates and conditions of service

Accepting a project means signing a contract with SolidSkills France directly.

In addition to the amount invoiced to SolidSkills, a 10% placement fee will be applied before invoicing the client. For example, if I invoice 10€ to SolidSkills France, I know the client will be invoiced 11€.

I have access to all contractual and business documents signed between SolidSkills and the client related to my project. I commit to respecting these commitments throughout the project.

I will be paid once full payment has been made to SolidSkills France by the client. When payment periods are too long, an advance may be negotiated under certain conditions.


The SolidSkills Charter of Work Ethics

I have the assurance each and every SolidSkills partner, consultant and recruitment officer has signed and committed to respecting this charter of work ethics and the strong values it conveys.


Je prends rendez-vous

Autour d'un café ou par téléphone, donnez-nous vos disponibilités afin que nous échangions.