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Integrating your new employees

Of course, integrating a new employee involves:

Organising welcome training, presenting the company, its values and the people with whom the new recruit will be working.

Training in company products and business practices, as well as immediately making available all the tools necessary for them to carry out their designated tasks.


Integrating the candidate is an integral part of the recruitment process. It is essential to keep this in mind as early on as the job interview.

During candidate evaluations, you will get to know their personality, the management style which best suits them, their preferred work environment, the company culture they most enjoy, etc. You will have gathered precious information that you need to keep and consult when the candidate joins your company, so that their integration happens as best possible.


If you do not have this information in hand, you could organise a welcome meeting which will help you prepare for their integration. You could approach the subject of their expectations in terms of management, the type of environment they work best in, what motivates them, how they imagine the integration process to be… You could also present the integration training you have planned for them, with a detailed plan of the different steps they will follow and discuss your expectations in terms of improvement and objectives or readiness for the position.

This type of meeting is always appreciated by new recruits.