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The UnitedSkills network

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family : whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one”

– Jane Howard


Company directors and freelancers of the digital industry

UnitedSkills is a network of freelancers, company directors and entrepreneurs working in the digital industry, in Nantes and Paris. The network’s objective is to bring them all together, to exchange best practices, encouraging common initiatives and business introductions. This network of entrepreneurs in the digital industry was launched in 2016 by SolidSkills France. The members meet up for events and workshops in an atmosphere of mutual assistance and support.


My benefits from the network

By adhering to the network, I gain access to a panel of services exclusive to members: informal events, monthly workshops, online tools, and a social network.

I have the opportunity of creating relationships with people facing the same hurdles as I and who, like myself, want to exchange views and progress together.

I benefit from the network’s animators by being introduced to other members, but also to experts with a wide panel of skills and able to assist me: accounting and finance, funding, business development, management, taxes…


My commitments

By adhering to UnitedSkills, I commit to respecting the manifesto which unites the network around strong values.


The UnitedSkills manifesto

  • I believe a small, well-intended act is better than a lengthy speech.
  • I believe sincere and constructive criticism is better than passive and half-hearted encouragement.
  • I believe approaching others with the aim of finding how we can be mutually beneficial is better than approaching them trying to sell them something.
Je prends rendez-vous

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