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UnitedSkills is a non-profit association (French Association 1901)

I am free and even encouraged to attend 3-4 different events before becoming a member.

I am free to discover the network, under the condition of being a freelancer or a company director, and of sharing the values advanced in the manifesto.


The UnitedSkills objective

The objective of the network is to help digital entrepreneurs and company directors develop professionally by encouraging introductions, exchanges, and common initiatives within the network.


The UnitedSkills manifesto

  • I believe a small, well-intended act is better than a lengthy speech.
  • I believe sincere and constructive criticism is better than passive and half-hearted encouragement.
  • I believe approaching others with the aim of finding how we can be mutually beneficial is better than approaching them trying to sell them something.



To become a member of the association, you need to send your application to You will then be approved by the board who will decide upon the presented applications at each board meeting.

The association is open to company directors, company founders and freelancers.

The association is mainly aimed at individuals working in the digital industry and those able to help them in their growth.


Membership & subscription fees

By becoming an active member, I commit to paying a sum of my choice as a subscription fee depending on my or my company’s budgetary capacities.


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